Erfolgreicher Tag des Maschinenbaus im Rahmen des Uni-weiten Events „AnsprechBAR“ am 5.November

Successful Mechanical Engineering Day as part of the university-wide "AnsprechBAR" event on the 5th of November

After a long break of two years, the faculty of Mechanical Engineering continued a much-loved tradition: The annual Open Day celebration took place again. With a small improvement, in which the familiar "nights" of science or mechanical engineering became a day instead. From noon to 6 p.m., a proven mix of exhibitions, puzzles and hands-on activities awaited both young and old in the institute buildings and experimental halls of the Mechanical Engineering Campus in Garbsen.

At IFUM, various experiments were demonstrated to the visitors. These included the production of hybrid components as well as solid forming. Furthermore, the noise development during the shear cutting process was graphically displayed with the help of an acoustic camera. In addition, there were various hands-on activities such as the construction of a “Mufi” or open-die forging. All in all, the day was received very well by the visitors.