Doors open with the mouse

Successful open day "Exciting Connections" as part of the „Sendung mit der Maus“ on 3.10

Since 2012, the “Sendung mit der Maus” door-opening day has taken place every year on October 3rd. Companies, laboratories, factories, museums and other institutions open their doors and allow children a look behind the scenes of their working world. The motto this year was "Exciting connections".

In Garbsen, the IFUM opened its doors and visitors of all ages were able to make a "jumping mouse" under professional guidance. The joining processes of welding, clinching, riveting, screwing and gluing were used to create "exciting connections" between the different materials of the mouse’s components. In this way, the mostly young guests were able to take home not only their own mouse, but also a few impressions of production technology. The event concluded with spectacular forging experiments in which aluminium and red-hot steel were formed into a joint cross.

All in all, there were almost 50 young guests at the IFUM and it was also a pleasant change from the everyday university research routine for the staff.