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Knowledge-filled future day for girls and boys

Knowledge-filled future day for girls and boys

On the Future Day for Girls and Boys (27.4.2023), Leibniz Universität Hannover opened its doors at the Production Technology Centre Hannover to give schoolchildren an insight into the exciting world of science and technology. In addition to the IFUM, many other institutes took part in this event to show the young people a wide variety of possible applications in the field of mechanical engineering.

The participants were warmly welcomed and divided into small groups, which were then guided to the various departments by institute staff. There, the young people had the opportunity to look over the shoulders of scientists in their daily work and learn about their projects.

A highlight of the Future Day was the opportunity to participate in laboratory experiments. The pupils were given practical insights into the study of materials and their properties. Under expert guidance, they were able to experiment themselves and get to know various measuring methods as well as scientific equipment.

In addition to experimental trials, informative lectures were offered at the IFUM by researchers who reported on their current projects and the diverse career opportunities in research and technology. The young people gained insights into the working world of science and were encouraged to discover their own interests and talents.


                                                                                                                                                   Published by Janina Siring