Start des Verbundprojektes AgaPolCo

Start of the joint project AgaPolCo

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Beginn of the AgaPolCo joint project: In mid-July 2021, the AgaPolCo (Aggregated Polygon Forming based Processes for large Fuselage Components) cooperation project between Deharde GmbH, a company specialising in aerospace technology, and the Institute of Forming Technology and Forming Machines (IFUM) began. The project aims to redevelop forming processes achieved by aggregating known forming technologies and apply them to aircraft fuselage structures such as Dopplers, doors or complex skin fields. The focus is on the further development of the innovative Polygon Forming technology, which is already being used successfully by Deharde GmbH for the cold forming of components in the aerospace industry, such as the fuselage shell of the Airbus Beluga XL.

Thanks to the support of the DLR's Project Management Agency for Aeronautics Research and the funding body, the state of Lower Saxony/NBank, the project was launched after a successful kick-off meeting. The IFUM is looking forward to innovative exchange and good cooperation in the coming years. Further information on the project can be found here: