Start des AiF Projektes „Modellierung 7000er Halbwarm“

Start of the AiF project „Modellierung 7000er Halbwarm“

In March 2021, the project "FE modelling of the semi-hot forming of 7000 aluminum sheet and prediction of the component properties after ageing using ANN" has begun at IFUM.

The aim of the research project is the numerical modelling of the semi-hot sheet metal forming of 7000 aluminum alloy, taking relevant factors into account, such as the temperature-dependent flow, strain hardening and failure behaviour, as well as friction and heat transfer. The influence of a cathodic dip painting (CDP) on the mechanical component properties, which follows the forming process and is common in automotive engineering, is mapped by artificial neural networks (ANN). The ANN is combined with the FE-simulation in order to predict the final component properties after CDP. As a result, a detailed simulation model is available to represent the semi-hot sheet metal forming of 7000 aluminum including the incorporation of a CDP by means of ANN.

Due to the support of the SME (small and medium-sized enterprises) and the funding source, the Industrial Collective Research, the project could be started after a successful kick-off meeting. The IFUM is looking forward to a good cooperation in the upcoming years.