Start der Nachwuchsförderung an der IGS-Linden

New workshop for female students of the IGS Linden

On Monday, 04.10.2021, the new workshop, organised and supported by SFB 1153 and IFUM started at the IGS-Linden. The school workshop runs under the title "Construction - from idea into product". Overall, technical issues are to be introduced to the students in a playful way within the framework of the workshop.

The participants are gaining basic knowledge on Computer Aided Design (CAD) construction by digitally creating their own mobile phone holder or other creative ideas. With the help of 3D printing, their designs are then turned into reality. In this way, the students are learning about the manufacturing process and gaining their first practical experience.

A guided tour of the institute and live experiments will also provide insights into the research activities of the SFB 1153 and IFUM.